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Adult Swimming Lesson

The adult swim lesson is designed for students aged 16 years and over. The teaching goal of the adult swimming lesson is different from the school-age lesson, rather than learning multiple strokes at the same time, we are going to master one stroke while allowing students to learn to swim and have the ability to survive independently in the water.

The swimming classes for adults are based on a 10-week term. One lesson per week. You are welcome to join the class during the middle of the term if the class is available.

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Looking for Auckland Adult Swimming Programme

Looking for adult swimming lessons in Auckland? The Aqua Artist swim school help you to improve your fitness while gaining new skills in the water. Enrol the best Auckland Adult Swimming Programme in any of our East Tamaki, Onehunga, and Mt Albert schools today.
At Aqua Artist, Our expert instructors incorporate specialized techniques to make your water swimming experience both enjoyable and beneficial. Join us and unlock the potential of swimming, combining fitness and skill development in a refreshing and supportive environment. Enroll today and discover the joy of swimming with Aqua Artist!