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Swimming Lessons

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Pre-School Swimming Programs

These preschool swimming lessons are provided before school age. Generally, children aged around three to five years old, cannot wait to swim on their own.

At this stage, our specialised swimming lessons from 3-year-olds to 5-year-olds swimming lessons are designed to focus on basic water confidence, water safety, skills and coordination and growing their enjoyment of the water. Your child at this stage needs to develop these key life skills at an early age to enable them to remain safer in and around water.

At our swim school, All Pre-school Swimming Classes are kept at a maximum of 3 children per class, your kids will get the maximum attention from our instructor.

If they have had previous experience in babies/toddlers class with us they will respond better to an instructor's instruction, and let us know your current class, we will find the right level for you in ourswim programme.

If they didn't attend any swim class before, there is no need for a swim assessment. Such preschool students go to entry-level classes directly. If the student attended swimming class before, the assessment is needed. Your child will move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria. Perpetual enrollment is accepted depending on availability.

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