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Terms and Conditions

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General Terms

• Aqua Artist reserves the right to cancel or change lessons and instructors or move students if the need arises.
• Aqua Artist makes every attempt to maintain the consistency of instructors. However, it is not always possible and the best available substitute will be made at the manager's discretion.
• Timetable is subject to change from one term to the next. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the timetable may also change during the term.
• Children under 11 must be supervised by an approved adult over 16 at all times while entering the facility.
• Parents or guardians will need to supervise their children during the lesson and give help when the instructor requires it.
• Aqua Artist swim school reserves the right to remove any students they believe behaving in a dangerous or disruptive manner in any level class. This is up to the discretion of the instructors, poolside supervisor and management.
• We may take photos for marketing purposes. Please speak to our reception if you do not give consent for your child to be photographed.
• We will not take responsibility for your belongings. Please take care of your belongings at all times.


• Week 7- New term booking will be available for the current customer. This week is only for rebooking into the same day and time. Please note, that we may need to change your time due to the student level changing.
• Week 8- Time and day change for current customers only where the lesson is suitable for the student.
• Week 9- We will start to enrol new students for the next term.
• If you cannot start from the beginning of the term, and you wish to terminate the term early than the scheduled date range. We can only book you into the class 1 week prior to your actual starting date.
• You will lose your booking priority if you terminate early for more than 2 weeks.

Safety and Injury

• Aqua Artist swim school will not take any responsibility for the students while leaving the class for toilet or other reasons.
• Aqua Artist swim school will not take responsibility for any injuries that happened in our facilities or during the lesson.
• Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child/children are physically and medically fit for the lesson.
• It is the parents/guardians' responsibility to ensure their child/children have been taken care of immediately after their lesson is finished.

Cancellation Policy

  • • You will need to notify us at least 14 days in advance if you wish to cancel your lesson. The remaining fee will be credited into your swimming school account for 12 months.
• If you have to cancel your lessons due to the illness or any physical reason provided with a doctor’s certificate, the lesson will be cancelled 7 days after we are notified. Your remaining lessons fee will be credited into your swim school account valid for 12 months.

• If Aqua Artist Swim School cancels your swimming lesson due to unpredictable reasons, an extra make-up lesson will be provided.
• Credit is issued for use in Aqua Artist Swim School, this includes future swimming lessons or purchase of any products.
• We can take off at most two weeks of lessons’ fee if we are informed of the missing date during one term when we enrol your kids to the class.
• We can prorate the price if we are informed that you need to finish the term early than the normally scheduled term when we enrol your kids. If you finish early more than 2 weeks of the scheduled term, you will lose your priority to enrol to the next term
• Maximum deduction of the class during one term will be 5 classes
• Any refunds will occur with a $20 admin fee

Make ups

• We only offer 1 make-up lesson per participant, per term where vacancies exist.

• To qualify for the make-up lesson, you must call, email or notify us through our customer portal at least 2 hours before your scheduled lesson.

• If you missed your scheduled make-up lesson, a replacement cannot be offered.

• To book a make-up lesson, you can call, email or apply from our customer portal to schedule your make-up lesson.

• Make-up lessons can only be booked 7 days in advance.

• Make-up lessons will only be issued during the school terms. Due to the school holiday programme's different class settings, make-up lessons will not be offered.

• If you start late or withdraw early from your lesson for any reason, you will not receive a make-up lesson.

• Make-up lesson will expire at the current term's end.

Holiday Programme

Holiday Programme Booking Terms

• Aqua Artist will issue an invoice once the class has been confirmed. Please pay before the due date to secure the class slot.

• If we receive a cancellation notice within 7 days before the class commencement date, 20% of the programme fee will be charged. We will transfer the rest 80% into credit.

• If we receive a cancellation notice within 3 days before the class commencement date, 30% of the programme fee will be charged. We will transfer the rest of 70% into credit.

• If we receive a cancellation notice after the class commencement date, We will charge 100% of the programme fee unless the student is ill or injured with a doctor's certificate.

• If we receive a cancellation notice after the class commencement date along with the doctor's certificate, We are able to transfer 50% of the rest class's fee into credit.

• Aqua Artist does not offer any refund. Please confirm your class date and time before you pay the invoice.

•We will not issue any make-up class if any absence occurs during the Holiday Programme.

•If the classes have been cancelled due to the pandemic lockdown or by any force majeure, full credit will be issued which is valid for 12 months.

•These terms and conditions also apply for the confirmed case of Covid-19, and any close contactor.

•Aqua Artist Swim School reserves the right of final interpretation.