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Our School-Age Program

At Aqua Artist, we design our school-age swimming lessons to concentrate on and develop kids' four different keystrokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Starting with the right technique is a crucial part of the learning journey. Emphasizing proper form ensures that even a beginner feels confident with their face in the water.

At our swim school, You will see fundamental changes in your child's swimming skills after attending our lessons. They will move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria.

If your child has had swim classes previously, a swim assessment is required to start them off and check their level of experience. Please book an assessment with us today!

Perpetual enrolment is accepted depending on availability.

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Why is Technique so Important?

Most people naturally adopt the right form for some types of exercise, like running. With swimming, however, the same isn't true. The person who teaches you influences your technique. As a beginner, it's best to enrol in a professional swimming class for kids to build a strong swimming foundation. Correcting bad form later in life is more challenging. Regularly improving your swimming technique can drastically improve your overall swimming efficiency, speed, and confidence in the water. A heated pool can provide a comfortable environment for refining your skills during those crucial learning sessions. Remember, water safety should always be a top priority in any swimming journey.

Swimming is a lifelong skill. Enrol your child today to ensure they are well-equipped for the water for the rest of their life. Allow them to learn to swim and foster a lifelong love for aquatic activities.

Looking for children’s swimming lessons near you? Aqua Artist offers swimming classes for children across Auckland, and we have had over 5000 happy customers since starting in 2015. Get a free assessment today to enrol your child at the right level.