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Get private swimming lessons from the finest swim instructors in Auckland through our private swimming classes. Perfect for all ages and levels! Book today.

Private Swimming Lesson

One-on-one private swim lessons are fantastic for focusing on your child's specific needs.

While some children may learn best in a group setting, others may find this a little daunting. If your little one is more comfortable in a quieter environment, private swimming classes may be more beneficial to them. One-on-one lessons focus exactly on what your child needs to build confidence and become a strong swimmer.

Our highly trained swimming instructors will discover any mistakes in your swimming technique and correct them through the well-designed training program. Our professional swimming instructors will observe your child’s current strategies and make recommendations to help them develop their skills to perfection.

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Not sure of your child’s swimming level? Get a free assessment at Aqua Artist to discover your child’s swimming abilities. Learn to swim from our passionate and experienced team, and sign up your child for private lessons today!

Looking for a Private Swimming Programme in Auckland?

Looking for private swimming lessons in Auckland for children or adults? The Aqua Artist swim school will help anyone improve their fitness while gaining new skills in the water. Our innovative teaching system has helped over 5000 students develop their swimming skills through our swimming lessons. No matter your swimming level, progress is never difficult to see at Aqua Artist! We believe that swimming is not only a sport but also a lifelong skill that accompanies each individual for the rest of their life. Enrol in the best private swim programme in Auckland at any of our locations - East Tamaki,Onehunga, or Mt Albert - and let Aqua Artist be your trusted partner in achieving swimming excellence. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock your full potential in the water – join us and make a splash towards a healthier, more confident you!