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The Benefits of Professional Swimming Lessons

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While you may be considering teaching your child to swim yourself, there are many benefits of professional swimming lessons. Keep reading to find out why you should take your child to professional swimming lessons.

Lessons are in a safe and controlled environment

If your child is taking professional swimming lessons, you can be assured that they are learning in a safe and controlled environment, with plenty of supervision. Professional swim schools are very vigilant when it comes to safety because hazards are effectively managed and minimised. If you are teaching your child yourself, it will be your responsibility to find somewhere safe to do so. You will need to be able to constantly supervise your child and manage all hazards yourself.

Learn alongside peers

Swimming lessons for kids are often conducted in small groups, making the learning a fun and social situation. Learning amongst their peers can help take away some of their swimming anxiety, and it can also breed a little bit of healthy competition. Recreational swimming provides independent and group challenges, encouraging children to hone their individual skills and work together to help one another in games and group activities. Swimming can provide great skill development for confidence, teamwork, encouragement, and friendly competition.

Trainers are more likely to pick up on little things that can be corrected

While you may be a strong swimmer yourself, a swimming teacher who is professionally trained will be able to help your child perfect their technique. They may pick up on small mistakes your child may be making that aren’t as noticeable to you. Professional swimming instructors observe your child’s current strategies and make recommendations that help them develop their skills to perfection.

Children may listen better to someone who isn’t their parent

It's no secret that kids don’t always want to listen to their parents. If they are taught by someone other than their own family, they may be a little more inclined to take them seriously. Many swim instructors send their children to lessons taught by others for this reason!

Choose Aqua Artist for your Child

While it is possible to teach your child to swim yourself, your child is likely to learn a lot more from professional swimming lessons. A certified swim instructor can provide personalised guidance for their age and skill level. At Aqua Artist, all our instructors have been fully trained and are highly motivated in our program! Classes are kept to limited numbers to ensure that you or your child receives maximum attention from the instructor. The classes run by school terms and school holidays in duration from 30 – 60 minutes. Students will be assessed all the time while they are learning, so as soon as they meet the criteria, they will be moved to the next level during the term.

Progress is never difficult to see in Aqua Artist! We believe that swimming is not only a sport but also a lifelong skill that accompanies each individual for the rest of their lives. If your child has not had any lessons before, a swim assessment is required to start them off at the correct level. Book your free assessment today!