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The Benefits Swimming Lessons During the School Holidays

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The school holidays are a great time to practise the essential skill of swimming. Whether your child is looking to learn the basics or build on skills they already have, the intensive formatting of swimming holiday programs allows them to learn a lot over a short time. Read on to find out about the benefits of sending your child to intensive swimming lessons during the school holidays.

Retain skills 

If your child has already had some lessons, continuing over the holidays is a great way to ensure that they retain any skills that they know. Continual repetition increases muscle memory of swim skills and will increase your child’s retention of what they have learnt previously. Swimming holiday programs are often held every day, so they are getting daily practice of what they are learning, rather than weekly like during term time.

Increased confidence 

Swimming everyday is a great way for your child to increase their confidence in and around the water. Whether your child's goal for a school holiday program is to learn a specific skill or move up to the next swimming level, a progression in water confidence is guaranteed. Getting into the routine of swimming every day throughout the program helps children become more comfortable in the water. This is particularly beneficial for nervous swimmers.

Accelerate skills 

An intensive swimming training program builds on skills progressively, so kids find it easier to learn the next skill. Repetition and continual daily practice can transform a swim stroke they are struggling with. Swimming lessons in the school holidays can help if your child’s skills have stayed the same for a while. An intensive sees them building additional skills each day, and because they return to the pool the next day, they’re able to remember the new tips and tricks they learned the day prior.

Fun and productive use of time 

It can be hard to find structured activities during the school holidays that are both fun and productive. Swimming lessons in the school holidays are a great way to keep the kids active and busy in a way they can enjoy. Physical activity is important for everyone, but especially for children as their brains are developing. Plus, it gives you a break!

Choose Aqua Artist for your school holiday swim programme 

At Aqua Artist, we offer one and two-week intensive swimming programs.

Our intensive programme runs five days a week and provides your child with the perfect opportunity to develop, enhance, or quick-start a skill.​ Reinforcing these skills on consecutive days helps children learn faster, gain more confidence, and improve their fitness levels.

Lessons range from 30– 45 minutes, depending on an individual level. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our holiday programme, get in touch with us, or pop into one of our three locations Onehunga, East Tamaki, or Mt Albert. Book a free assessment today!