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Why Continuing Swimming Lessons is Important

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What are the benefits of swimming lessons and are they worth it? If your child has been taking swimming lessons for a while and has mastered the basics, you may be considering whether continuing with lessons is necessary. But just because your child can swim doesn’t mean they’ve reaped all of the benefits that a swimming training program has to offer. There are a few advantages of keeping your child in swimming lessons after they’ve learned the basics. Find out what they are below.

Learn Advanced Swim Strokes

Once your child has figured out the basics, they can begin challenging themselves and working on learning more advanced swim strokes. Different strokes use different muscle groups and are suited to different situations, so if your child ever finds themselves in trouble, knowing a range of different strokes can help them preserve energy and get to safety. It is also useful if your child is showing interest in swimming competitively.

Health Benefits

Swimming is hugely beneficial for both physical and mental health. Swimming makes use of all of your major muscle groups while being low impact and gentle on the joints. Being a non-contact sport there are very few opportunities for collisions and bumps that could hurt your child. Swimming helps lower stress and can be a great way to boost your mood, gain aerobic activity, and have fun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Life-Saving Skills

Continuing swimming lessons will give your child the skills to save not only themselves in an emergency, but also help others if need be. After learning the basic strokes, a sidestroke is often taught, which can be used in the rescue of another. This particular stroke only requires the use of one arm, allowing for a swimmer to assist another individual in the water with their free arm, helping guide them to safety.

Maintain Skills and Confidence

Repetition is key when it comes to swimming. Even a few months without lessons could see a decline in swim skills and water confidence. When learning to swim, repetition and consistency can help enforce the swim skills being taught and increase muscle memory. You want your child to keep hold of their confidence and continually build upon those skills they’re learning every week. The repetitiveness helps it become second nature.

It’s Fun!

Swimming is fun, and it’s a great way to get your kids active and away from screens without it feeling like too much of a chore. It is also a place where children will learn the importance of following adult instructions, as well as socialising and having a great time with their peers. Because swimming is an individual sport that takes place in a group or team atmosphere, like a swimming holiday programme, kids learn about competition and cooperation at the same time. Once a swimmer has confidence in the water, they enjoy the feeling of freedom and release of moving fast in the weightless environment. Being in the water just feels good!

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