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The Benefits of Dryland Swim Training

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Young or beginner swimmers may find dryland swim training beneficial to their development and growth in swimming even without being in the water. It can help them stay in shape and gain the strength required to accomplish different swimming techniques. Dryland exercises can also help decrease water intimidation so that they can apply these exercises better when they’re in the water. Many swimming coaches believe that the most effective learning occurs when the child is exposed to both in-water and out-of-water activities. And including dryland exercises in their training can positively impact their swimming skills. Here are more reasons why dryland exercises are crucial in a swimming training program.

Develops Muscle Mass

It’s important to remember that there are more ways to build muscle other than swimming lessons. Dryland swim training is one of the ways your kids can increase muscle mass even when they aren’t in the water. This is because muscles aren’t triggered the same way when you’re in the gym. Dryland training builds muscle strength, contributing to their overall strength as a swimmer.

Improves Stroke Technique

Dryland exercises can help kids hone their skills in different swimming strokes. The repetitive motions included in dryland training can help them become more aware of their bodily movements and train their muscles to complete more precise movements in the water.

Builds Strength and Endurance

Your kids need strength and endurance to become excellent and fast swimmers. But to get to that level of swimming precision, they need to practise strength-building exercises that enable them to do the strokes they need without getting tired easily. Dryland training can help them gain extra strength. For example, dryland exercises that practise their triceps extension can improve their butterfly stroke.

Minimises Injuries

Injuries are always a risk in any sport, and swimming is no exception. Dryland can help in preventing injuries in the water. How? The exercises involved in dryland swim training prepare your kids’ bodies to tackle the water better, like exercising the shoulders, wherein swimmers tend to be more vulnerable to injury. Dryland exercises also increase flexibility so that swimmers don’t inadvertently hurt themselves. When swimmers know the correct technique, the risk of injuries is significantly reduced.

Provides a Fun Workout for the Kids

Lest we forget, kids are still kids. Dryland exercises are excellent supplemental training. It’s also a way to bring an element of fun to the young swimmers’ routines. Instead of focusing on completing countless laps in the water, dryland exercises can break the monotony and keep things fun and exciting for young swimmers and keep their energy and motivation up and running.

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Whether in or out of the water, young swimmers need the appropriate swimming training suitable for their age, skill level, and interests. At Aqua Artist, we can help your child gain confidence in the water with age-appropriate training programs! They’ll learn from fully trained and highly motivated instructors who can guide them through the lessons and help them progress to the next level. Enrol your kids today! We offer toddler swimming training programs and preschool and school-age swimming lessons. Book a free assessment today.