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The Benefits of Swimming in Winter

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As the weather cools down, getting your kids in the pool may be the last thing on your mind. It may seem a little less inviting than in the sunnier months, but there are actually a lot of benefits of swimming in winter. Continue reading to find out what they are!

Keep fit

In winter, it can be hard to find activities to keep your children fit and healthy. Kids can get restless not being able to run around and stay active because of the cold weather. Swimming lessons for kids are a great way for them to remain fit while being in an indoor environment. It’s also heaps of fun!

Better protection from winter viruses

Some parents hesitate to continue sending their children to swimming lessons over winter, believing that the wet environment and colder winter air will cause them to catch a cold. The opposite is true! Swimming year-round boosts fitness levels, helping your child build a stronger immune system. As a result, children are more resilient to stress and illness. Regular exercise can boost your child's immune system and help fight off infections. Exercise allows immune cells to perform effectively — it increases blood flow, reduces stress and inflammation, and can strengthen antibodies.

Maintain skills

Stopping and starting swimming lessons over the year can disrupt your child's learning. Children need to maintain and reinforce existing skills to advance and develop their ability in the water. Such reinforcement is particularly important for infants and toddlers, when long-term skill retention and muscle memory are starting to develop. Maintaining preschool swimming lessons swimming lessons throughout winter helps to reinforce their swimming and safety skills, as well as their confidence around the water.

Keep the kids off screens

During winter, it gets easier and easier to succumb to more screen time for your children. If it's too cold or rainy to play outside, bring them along to our indoor pools to ensure they get exercise and stay fit during the rainier seasons. The mechanics of swimming can improve cognitive function. Studies have shown that swimming activates both hemispheres of the brain. It improves cognitive function and makes learning easier, much better than wasting time on an iPad!

Prepare for summer

Winter is the perfect time to focus on developing and fine-tuning skills in the water. It’s important for children to continue to build on skills by developing new ones. If they build upon water safety skills during the winter months, children will be stronger swimmers when the warm weather returns.

Choose Aqua Artist for winter swimming lessons

Over the years, Aqua Artist Swimming School has built a very high reputation in the industry. Our innovative teaching philosophy and effective teaching system have made a profound impression on over 5000+ students. We believe that swimming is not only a sport but also a skill that accompanies each individual for the rest of their lives. To book your child in for winter swimming lessons, get in touch with us today.